Ali Shibly, Ud

was born in Baghdad in 1965. He studied architecture in Skopje, Macedonia and moved to Germany in 1998. He has been a member of “1001 Nights” and “Sahara” since 1998. He hosted his own radio show in Skopje and became well-known in Macedonia as a writer and actor in “Who killed Susanna Spazorovska”.

Peter Imig, Violine

was born in Cologne in 1973. He studied musicology and composition in Hamburg and is a member of the American group “Charles Curtis Trio” from New York.

Philip Mestwerdt, Drums:

was born in Hamburg in 1975 and studied jazz drumming in Berlin. He is a full-time studio and live drummer in Hamburg and Berlin.

Daniel Thieme, Bass - Cello

was born in 1974 and studied classical double bass with Prof. Dzwiza at the Hamburg Academy of Music. In 2000 he won a scholarship for the Berkley College of Music in Boston where he studied song writing and jazz bass with Oscar Stagnaro (Paquito D'Rivera) und John Lockwood (The Fringe). He has taken part in concert tours in Brazil, Italy and Switzerland and is a full-time song writer, studio and live musician involved in numerous projects.

Mattias Meir, Saxophon

was born in Freiburg in 1973 and moved to Hamburg in 1995. He is self-taught musician.

Yogi Jockusch, Perkussion:

was born in 1966 and is a well-known percussionist in Hamburg. He has worked in collaboration on more than 130 CD productions and numerous film soundtracks. He has previously worked with Ofra Haza, Jethro Tull and the band Nationalgalerie. He is currently working as a percussionist in the stage production of “The Lion King”.

Hussam Shedid, Percussion

was born in 1963 and grew up in Cairo. He moved to Germany in 1990 and has worked on many projects in Egypt and Germany. He is an accomplished percussionist and accordionist (with quarter tones).

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